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Digital and Social Marketing Professional

About the Author – Niko Juntunen

Niko Juntunen

Creating a B2B blog is challenging but not impossible, so here we go! Having a coaching background and 12 years professional experience in digital media, I am thrilled to be a part of NetBooster Group, as CEO of NetBooster Finland. This part of advertising industry is changing and growing so fast, you need to be following the evolution of digital media all the time. To me, it’s a true passion to be online.

I am actively posting on Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter or Google+, so look me up and let’s connect. Hope you find this useful resource as an internet marketing professional.

My digital career:

  • First computer (Sinclair ZX Spectrum) – 1982
  • First posts in social media 1.0 ( – 1994
  • First graphical web-browser (NCSA Mosaic) – 1994
  • First own web-site – 1996
  • First real job in online marketing industry ( internet portal) – 2000
  • Search engine marketing pioneer with display and text ads ( – Ihmemaa Haku) – 2000
  • Contextual marketing with real time semantic profiling (with Talentum) – 2008
  • AdExchange real-time-bidding pioneer Finland (NetBooster) – 2011
  • more to come….
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