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How it all started for me – Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48K

My first touch to digital world was back in 1982, when I got my first computer. Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48Kb. More info:

ZX Spectrum Net (ZX Spectrum games)

ZX Spectrum in Wikipedia

World of Spectrum

Planet Spectrum

Old Computers dot Com (ZX Spectrum)

Computing History (ZX Spectrum)

Top-10 games played on ZX Spectrum Net:

1st. Jet Pac (1983)
2nd. Manic Miner (1983)
3rd. Football Manager (1982)
4. Chuckie Egg
5. Commando
6. Daley Thompson
7. 3D Tanx
8. Harrier Attack
9. Chuckie Egg 2
10. Ms Pacman